Thursday, December 18, 2008

i'm addicted to youtube. don't hate.

yea, i admit it. i'm on it every night for gawd knows how long. it started around may. i had a wedding to go to and needed insipiration for a smokey eye look. found a few "gurus" and i haven't looked back. i currently have about 6 makeup channels i've favorited. it is now part of my whole internet routine. fster, gmail, multiply, myspace (i may delete this soon tho), a few blogs and... youtube. well, add blogspot to that now too. (refer to my first entry. bwwaahahahaha)

so, in keeping with the whole yt obsession, there is this filipino tag game going around the yt community. simply because i can, i am doing it here. so there! hee hee.

the filipino tag game basically consists of 5 questions that you answer and at the end, tag another filipino to do the same. (i can't believe i just explained such a self explanatory game. *sigh* got boredom? lol)

anyhooooo! here are the questions.
(1) when was the last time you were back in the PI?
(2) name one dish of your culture you enjoy the most and why?
(3) name one household item that best resembles your culture.
(4) do you know how to speak in your language and if you do, say a phrase or two.
(5) what part of the PI are you from?

(1) the last time i was back home was in february of this year. went home to finalize the sale of our house and to fly back with our mom. i was there for a very short 7 days. not a lot of people knew i was back and i meant it to be that way. not because i didn't want to see certain people but because i knew i didn't have the time to see them all. i hope to be back christmas 2009! woot woot!

(2) okay, now it's hard to pick just one. anyone can say chicken adobo, sinigang, kare kare. those you can easily make here with oriental marts selling almost everything you need. but what i truly truly miss enjoying the most are suman for bfast, green mangoes with rock salt (not the shit they have here! i swear, the mangoes here don't hold a candle to PI mangga!) and tahoooooooooooooooo! are you feelin me?!?!?!
(on a side note: i've recently found a way to make taho. yezzzzz. :D )

(3) there isn't just one ya'll. there's the walis tambo. the walis tingting. the tabo. the tsinelas pambahay. the wooden spoon and fork sa kusina/dining area. the rice cooker. the rice dispenser. and being that it's the holiday season: the parol! (i promised myself i'd get one this year, but alas! next year na lang. double promise.)

(4) marunong ba raw akong magtagalog? ano sa tingin nyo?

(5) balibago, angeles city, pampanga 2009. :D

time to tag!!
i tag: whoever wants to do it. :)

have a great weekend everyone!

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