Monday, January 19, 2009

award, addictions and such

Happy New Year everyone!!!! Three weeks in and well, life's still a lil crazy, a lil nutty and a whole lotta "huh???" lol.

My sweet sweet friend/fellow blogger Collyn awarded me with a Fabulous Award. Thank you, hun!

I now have to list five things I'm addicted to. Five? Five?!? This is harder than calculus. Ok, let's see.

(1) I am addicted to youtube.

(2) I am addicted to randomness. uh.. yea.

(3) I am addicted to food. Thai, Indian, Japanese, Chinese, Continental, Mexican, Filipino. pooood iz goooood.

(4) I am addicted to travel. Well, addicted is much too strong a word but, I really like travelling. I love the whole checking in your luggage, going thru security check, and people watching especially. I'd like to try a cross country train trip. yayy.

(5) Recently, I am most addicted to anything and everything Rob Pattinson and Twilight. Yes, I admit it, dammit! Rob is seriously hilarious without trying and he's a breath of fresh air in the overly superficial celebrityousness (yes, that's a word) of young hollywood. How can you NOT be addicted to this?????

I seriously need some kind of intervention. I've read Twilight twice, New Moon twice. I'm about to read Eclipse again and Breaking Dawn, three times. The hubby is not helping by downloading a bootleg copy of the movie and saying things like, "Are you going to change all your passwords to "i love edward cullen?" or "Would you marry me if i were edward cullen?" He's an absolute ass. That's why I love him. lol.

Life sucks at the moment, what with the economy being all butt-backwards so, ya'll can understand how a lil Twi-lovin' keeps it all balanced. Right? Right. :D


Zarina said...

Honey, you are not alone with your addictions. I am going through painful withdrawals without Robert. Thank heavens for Perez Hilton, he has been found randomly visiting pubs in London. I wish he was back in the US so the PAPARAZZI can stalk him for us lol. This is insane! I am insane!

CoLine said...

the venom left in our blood is so strong that we always dream or should i say daydream of Edward Cullen..i'm so NOT over him, not yet...i mean never...yay Edward forever! =) I'm tryin to buy the series here in PI but sad to say still its out of stock! sniff..sniff...

fancypantz said...

collyn: out of stock?!?!?!? blasphemy! here, they HAVE to make sure it's in stock or it will cause mayhem! lol.

zarina: we need help. lol.