Friday, September 2, 2011

I am Glam! (ha!)

Happy Friday!!

So excited!!!!!!! to share that my card from yesterday's post was recognized by Friday MashUp's Design Team member Lesley Croghan! I am beyond ecstatic. wee!!! :)

(Click here for Lesley's post.)

Creating cards have become such a blessing to me. It keeps me sane *and* causes episodes of insanity at the same time. (You all know what I mean, right?? **paper! yummy paper!!** {insert shriek here} HA!) Truly though, being able to create and express one's creativity and then have that creation enjoyed by others is simple happiness to me. But then having it applauded on top of that is just... it absolutely warms my heart. It's a real gift.

So, to Lesley and the fab ladies at Friday MashUp: THANK YOU.   {shriek!}

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This week's challenge is SUPER fun! :)

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Rae said...

Not at all surprised at all. Your designs are wonderful! Congratulations!